Diary Of A Birdmad Girl

Welcome to my online journal where I come to rant, rave, remember, and process my thoughts. Then I share them with you, because why not?

So first things first, who am I? I am a multiply neurodivergent woman on the path of self-discovery taking many detours, stumbling, and getting lost along the way (both literally and figuratively.)

A few things to keep in mind as you peer into my world…

1. Many of the things I discuss on my blog can be triggering. I have done my best to provide content warnings where applicable, but please tread carefully in case I’ve missed anything (and if you do find something triggering that was not labeled, please let me know so that I can add the appropriate warning.)

2. I do not tolerate any fuckery in my space. I have a zero tolerance policy for assholes and if you are being an asshole or engaging in fuckery, I will deal with you in the way I see fit. These ways include (but are not limited to) not posting your comment, showing you the door with or without an explanation, turning you into a “chew toy” for myself and anyone who wants to partake, and/or putting you on blast in one of my blog posts. By posting a comment, you are agreeing to these terms.

3. I write under a pseudonym because discrimination against neurodivergent people is a thing that exists and there are certain risks that I am not willing to take. That being said, many of you know who I am and that’s fine. I am not ashamed of my past or who I am. However, I don’t want hard evidence floating around the internet that could be used against me. Please respect that.

4. What the fuck is a Birdmad Girl? Funny you should ask…

I chose this name for a few reasons. First of all, it is a nod to a song of the same name by my favorite band, The Cure. It was written about a girl in a mental institution and inspired by the poem, “Love In The Asylum” by Dylan Thomas. This name resonates with me because it ties together my fascination with birds and my love for The Cure with my history and my identity.

5. Also: I swear like a motherfucking sailor. Deal with it. Or not. You’ve been warned.