When A Rapist Comes To Dinner

CW: mention of rape, incest, institutionalization, gaslighting


When a rapist comes to dinner
They’ll welcome him with open arms
And demand you do the same
Even though you protest

He’ll eat at your table
And rape you when they’re not around
He’ll sleep in your front room
And rape your grandma while they sleep

He’ll drive you around while piss drunk
Because when is he not?
And your parents will let him
Because drunks make great chauffeurs

He’ll even take you along to buy booze and porn
And no one will question what a drunk old man
Is doing with a frightened young child
And a stack of porno mags

Not even the clerk who sells them to him
Not even when you look up at the clerk
With your eyes screaming, “Help!”
Because it’s not safe for your mouth to do so

And who would believe you anyway?

This rape will continue for years
And when it finally comes out
They’ll have you put away
Locked up for damage control

Some will call you a liar
Even your grandma who was raped in your home
Who helped him transport and conceal
The tools of his trade

Some will say you’re confused
Because how can a 12 year old possibly discern
The difference between “being tickled”
Vs. being raped repeatedly for over a decade?

Some will say, “Blood is thicker than water”
But what they’re actually saying is
“You mean less to me than a rapist
Because he’s my father and you’re just my niece”

And they’ll proudly display pictures of the man
Who raped their children,
Their mother,
And possibly even them too (they’ll never tell)

And they’ll sit around a table
The predator, the prey, and all the enablers
And eat casseroles and laugh
As they endanger another generation of children

And they’ll reminisce over creepy Jello molds
And share fond memories of the man who raped you
And many of them
All so they can pretend

That they’re not having dinner with a rapist

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